Private driver training

  • With the latest Provincial shutdown, we have been directed to stop providing in car and in class lessons until at least 4 May. According to the Government, this shutdown may be extended. This is incredibly frustrating as driving schools, to the best of our knowledge have not been responsible for a single case or outbreak of COVID 19. We take Public Health directions very seriously and apply them to our students, our staff and our vehicles. Regardless, we have been shutdown. It is our commitment to you, once we are given permission to resume driving instruction, to work tirelessly to deliver the high quality of service for which Cops Driving Academy is known. Take care, and stay safe. Steve Hart, Owner.
  • At Cops we offer a variety of private driver training options to our clientele. We refer to these services as specialty driver training as every client needs something unique, and tailored to their particular circumstance and situation.

As your particular request will be unique to your needs, please contact us directly to provide more information. This way, we can customize your training to exactly what you need.   Office: 613 826 2500 or

Please have a look below to what we can provide, if you don't see it, don't hestitate to ask.



 G2/G refresher lessons

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with a G2/G refresher lesson prior to your road test. We will go over all the rules of the road and set you up for success on your road test. Many students take advantage of this lesson and are thankful we, "got the cobwebs out" and "took the rust off" their skills.

Use of car for test

We regularly provide a refresher lesson/use of car for G2/G tests. Its normally about a 3 hour package where we pick you up at your chosen location, conduct a pretest refresher lesson, use of the car during the driving test and ride home afterwards.

For Seniors

At Cops, we recognize that retaining your driving licence is critical to your independence. Having a driver's licence impacts on your life and the lives of others in countless ways. Every senior driver has a unique circumstance and will require a customized instructional approach.

Cops will provide the senior driver with respectful, calm and progressive driving instruction. The training will focus on helping seniors re-enforce their driving skills so that they will not only be safe on our streets and highways, but also able to pass their driving test.

For the new driver

For whatever reason, at this time in your life you have decided to get your driver licence! Don't worry, you are not alone! We have successfully taught a wide variety of students and mentored them through the steps necessary to obtain their driving licences. We will work at your pace and ability through positive reinforcement and respect. All our cars are certified, "No yelling, no ridicule zones".

For the driver with learning disabilities or anxieties

At Cops, every driver is a human being and will learn and overcome anxieties at their own pace. We will offer you the opportunity to learn in a positive and progressive environment. You set the pace.

 At Cops, our duty is to serve you...its not the other way around.