Why choose Cops?

Our mission at Cops Driving Academy Inc is to provide every client with a positive and unparalleled driver training experience. We are focused on producing safe and responsible drivers who are taught to drive co-operatively on our roads and highways. At Cops we have a vested interest in doing so....we also share the same roads with our clientele!


In the classroom

Using the MTO-certified Jetala Curriculum, a former Ottawa police officer will provide students with all classroom instruction. Students are provided real life examples* of good and bad driving including the life long conseqences of poor decision making on the roads. The examples are the officer's own, they are real and from the local area. They are not out of a handbook, storybook or sourced from Youtube. Students are openly encouraged to ask any and all questions so as to explore, interpret and understand the laws related to driving as well as to debunk some of the myths surrounding policing and law enforcement on our highways.

*no names are mentioned

On the roads

At Cops we recognize that students learn best when they are focused and distractions are reduced to a minimum. All driving lessons are private one on one sessions, no back seat riders! Every student receives a customized driving plan based on their confidence level and abilities. We don't have a template, each student progresses at their own rate.

400 series highways

Given that the vast majority of our clientele live in the suburbs or rural areas of Ottawa it is almost a certainty that they will be required to travel on the 400 series highways. We will work hard to ensure all our student drivers are trained to safely merge on and off a highway and how to travel safely at higher speeds.  


All our instructors are MTO-certified and screened. They will assess the student's driving ability and develop a progressive driving plan suited to that student. We specialize in helping the less confident or apprehensive driver by progressing at a level that builds upon, and reinforces success.


All our vehicles are inspected yearly and fully insured. All vehicles are later model, automatic, mid-sized sedans that are typical of those vehicles currently on the road. We purposefully chose these vehicles as they are dual control (twin braking systems) safer, and fuel efficient. 


At Cops we are very proud of the drivers we train. In fact over 95% of them are successful on their first G2 driving test attempt!

Insurance discount

Without understanding all the nuances associated with your particular family unit situation, no driving school can promise or guarantee you insurance savings from attending a Beginner Driver Education Course. Most of our student graduates will most likely be eligible for an insurance discount, however only your insurance company can tell you this.