Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

by impactsigns

How long do I have to complete the BDE course? The MTO regulations states the student has 1 year to complete the program.

Is the Cops Driving Academy recognized by the MTO as an approved Beginner Driver Education Course provider? Yes.

Will I receive a certificate upon successful completion of the program? The M.T.O. changed the certification process in the Fall of 2008. Paper certificates are no longer provided since that date. Once a student has successfully completed all components of the BDE course a Cops Driving Instructor will update the MTO database to reflect this certification. The certification is then automatically added to the student’s Driver’s Licence History (DLH). Should a student want proof of course completion they must do so either online or through Service Ontario.

The DLH search can only be requested by the licence holder as it contains personal information. Service Ontario currently charges $12 for this document. Most insurance companies that are offering a BDE discount will want a copy of this document.

Will my insurance company give me a discount if I complete the BDE? And how much will that be? Most insurance companies in the Province of Ontario recognize the BDE course and provide some discount to students who have successfully completed the BDE. As insurance in Ontario is a private industry, there is no set percentage given for the BDE. Contact your insurance provider for more information.

How can I pay for the program? You can pay via etransfer, cheque or cash. Additionally, we also offer a unique, interest free, re payment plan upon request. The way the payment plan works is that the client (you) proposes a payment plan that works best for their particular situation. We have yet to turn down any reasonable plan. Nothing is required upfront. There is no interest applied. You choose the repayment schedule that fits your specific situation. The only caveat is that the account must be paid in full prior to the student being certified and registered with the MTO as having completed the Drivers Education course.

Do I need my G1 before I start the online course? No. You can begin the online BDE program without having a G1 license. However, you must have your G1 licence before you can begin your in car lessons.

How many students will be in the car during the driving lesson? Just the student and the instructor, no back seat driver’s or distractions.

Where do I have to meet you for an in car lesson? At Cops Driving Academy we come to you! That might be from home, after school, or work. Drop off and pick up locations do not need to be the same place. There is no extra charge for this service.