Our classroom is located at 5673 Main Street, Osgoode Village, in the Market Square (above the Red Dot Cafe).


9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. > 15 min. break morning & afternoon > 1 hour for lunch

NOTE:  We are flexible with our scheduling.  If a student has to miss one module of any course due to other commitments, we allow the student to take the missed date on another course.  Exception: 1st Day of the course




Please note that Ministry Approved Driving Schools are no longer able to provide a "Driver Education Certificate" upon completion of the Driver Education Course. Upon successful completion of the program, Cops Driving Academy Inc will certify the student with the MTO online. Students will then be able to request from the MTO a copy of their, "Driver Licence History" for submission to their respective insurance company.
You no longer need to produce a certificate when you book or arrive at a MTO location for your road test. All student records are now computerized and the old Driver Education Certificates are no longer available.


  • The COPS D.A. Program involves freeway driving practice. Few driving schools in the Ottawa area offer this training as part of the Driver Education Course Curriculum. We guarantee all students practice for these high speed freeways as part of our program.

  • The Ontario Government has established MINIMUM STANDARDS for Driving Schools offering Driver Education Courses to new drivers.

  • These standards include 20-25 hours of classroom education coupled with preset MINIMUMS of 10 hours of In-Car training for a vehicle with an automatic transmission. For standard transmission vehicles the minimum is 12 hours of In-Car training.

  • On completion of these minimum standards, students are allowed to take their road test at eight months instead of waiting one year. (Eight months from the date the student obtained their learner's permit - commonly called a 365 permit, now called a G1 permit.)

  • No driving school could honestly suggest that these MINIMUMS of 10 and 12 hours of In-Car instruction adequately prepares new drivers to take their road test or to meet all driving challenges.

  • Regular practise with the family vehicle is encouraged by all driving schools. This extra practise time supplements the In-Car instruction and helps students refine the skills learned with their Professional Instructor. In fact, the Ministry of Transportation (MTO)recommends students have at least 2,000 kilometres of driving before they take their first road test.

  • We at COPS D.A. INC. recognize that some students will not have regular access to a family vehicle. We also understand that as individual as our students are, they progress at different rates from one-another.

  • To assist our students and parents, COPS D.A. INC. has provided three personalized options for driving education.

  • All lessons are private one-on-one, booked around your schedule. We pick you up at home, school or at a meeting place and drop you off after your lesson.

  • Certification into the MTO database is dependant on successful completion of the in-class and in-car components of the Driving Education Course. Successful completion is defined as having attained a 75% average for each component.

  • The COPS D.A. INC. program has been specifically designed for students who live and drive regularly on higher speed roads.